About Us

Nature has been providing for us for thousands of years, the discovery of synthetic chemicals came about a few hundred years ago and took place of the natural products as it was readily available. Though convenient and cheaper, some artificial chemicals are known to have adverse effects and thus many people are now reverting back to natural or organic products, be it food or personal care.

The concern of the negative impacts of toxic synthetic ingredients being used in our personal care products on our skin, our children, and our environment led Merak Organics into being

Our Story

Our journey started when our son, then 2 years old, developed a skin allergy. He was prescribed with an anti-allergic medicine which temporarily got the inflammation down without actually getting to the root cause. This resulted in the allergy getting worse with time, and from taking the medicine occasionally to daily took a toll on his health.That is when we decided that we needed more than just a symptomatic relief but a cure and so the search for alternative treatment began. And it opened a realization of an entire new world of holistic healing and natural remedies for us. Reiki, sound therapy, Cosmic Heart Wisdom and many more healing and self-balancing practices taught us to be more grounded and more connected to nature and the Universe itself, and from there we went on to eliminate as much of toxic substance from around us as possible and started creating our own DIY products like balms, soaps and lotions using natural and essential oils after getting certification from USA. In our attempt to help our son, we also learnt to live a new way of life and Alhamdulillah it helped all of us as a family in many ways. And Merak Organics is our way to give back to the Universe what was shared with us

The word Merak is a Serbian word that refers to a feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures. May you feel your merak while using our products

Our motto is a simple one

Utilizing the power & simplicity of Nature to provide fresh, whole natural, effective products that are safe for you, your family, and our planet. The words natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable are not just marketing words for us, they are a way of life. They guide our mission to provide you with the best, safe and nature-friendly products without artificial means and resources. A product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it, and we try to get the best ingredients from reliable sources. We do it all ourselves–from start to finish–from our family to yours!