Charcoal Soap 120g apprx.

Detoxifies, Purifies, improves and lightens skin tone


Charcoal soap is an effective and popular detoxifier that removes dirt, pollutants, and bacteria from the body. It detoxifies and purifies the skin. Moreover, it can also treat oily skin as well as effectively heal skin blemishes.


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38 in stock



The following are the primary activated charcoal soap benefits for the skin:

  1. Eliminates Excess Oil from Your Skin

Charcoal soap can help remove unnecessary oils and dirt from the skin, leaving you with a smooth, oil-free complexion. Furthermore, it eliminates unwanted oil from the body as well as the face.

  1. Purifies Your Skin Deeply

Charcoal soap provides a clean, flawless complexion due to its ability to remove dead skin cells. It cleans the skin by absorbing oil and dirt from the innermost layers of the skin and pollutants. As a result, the pores are purified of impurities that lead to blackheads.

After using it, you should experience smoother skin and see visible improvement in your pores.

  1. Efficacious for Pimples and Acne

In addition to absorbing excess oil and blemish-causing toxins, charcoal soap is tremendously effective in treating acne. Unlike typical acne treatments, charcoal soap leaves skin with a beautiful glow and reduces redness.

  1. Improves Skin’s Pore Size

Over time, dirt and grime can build up inside your pores. But charcoal soap acts as an extremely effective catalyst for removing dirt. This leads to smaller pores, and over time it reduces the size of your pores. 

  1. Reduces the Effects of Ageing

If your skin appears loose, you must take action as soon as possible, indicating that your skin is getting old. Charcoal soap tightens your skin and helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming early. Its ability to reduce inflammation and tighten the skin rapidly is great for all skin types.

  1. Aids in Treating Sensitive Skin Conditions

Charcoal soap can be used to soothe skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. The skin feels clean without using harmful chemicals, as it can detoxify and remove toxins, excess oil, and bacteria. However, before using it, always consult a medical professional.


*whenever you use a new soap or cleanser, don’t use it on your whole body right away. Try a small amount on your inner arm first and check if it suits your skin; only then, go ahead and use it on the rest of the body.

20 reviews for Charcoal Soap 120g apprx.

  1. Samina Azhar

    I have been using this soap for some days it’s worth buying my skin looks more radiant and fresh. Highly recommended ?

  2. Amna bokhary

    A perfect product to improve skin texture by giving a thorough cleaning and enhancing complexion highly recommended

  3. Sadia Nauman

    I used Charcoal soap and I had amazing results. It worked really well and removed all pimples. I am very satisfied with all the products I’ve used till now. Looking forward to try other new products too. ?

  4. Aneela khan

    Using this charcoal soap for 6 months now. Texture of my skin is very soft and got a glow.very satisfied

  5. Alishba kanwal

    Mairi acne heal hona start ho gayi he isko use karne k baad. 3 months se regular use kar rahi hun and cant find any better charcoal soap than this. Amazing results.

  6. Sidra

    Bohat achi soap he. Best soap .

  7. Ridha

    Good for black spots and blemishes

  8. Haya

    Love its smell and it has improved my complexion. And giving me glow.

  9. Xadi

    V nice product ,i like it

  10. Nazia

    I love it?

  11. Erda

    I love it ? works amazing for me

  12. Erda

    I love it ?

  13. Nazia

    Iove it

  14. Noor Fatima

    This soap is very effective. It removes all the dirt from the skin and feels very light after using. Highly recommended.

  15. MALAK g

    Very very good product my advice is every one can buy

  16. MALAK g

    Vice products

  17. Mehrwan

    Very nice

  18. Mehrwan

    Very nice soap, its makes the skin soft and smooth

  19. Tayyab

    Amazing product.

  20. Annie

    Satisfied from this product

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