Turmeric Soap 120g apprx.

Best for removing dark spots, skin whitening and acne

Turmeric soap is an easy and efficient way of incorporating turmeric into your daily beauty routine. It has a wealth of beauty benefits from delaying aging to giving your skin a warm, healthy glow.

Turmeric soap is beneficial for a number of reasons. In addition to the benefits that come from using turmeric itself, like brightening and evening out the skin tone, turmeric soap has tons of benefits for the face and body skin  of its oils and essential oils.




41 in stock

41 in stock

Main Constituents

Turmeric Powder , Turmeric Essential Oil , Coconut Oil , Olive Oil , Castor Oil , Calendula Essential Oil , Patchouli Essential Oil , Neem Oil , Rosehip Oil. Sodium Hydroxide

Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin that is responsible for much of turmeric’s medicinal properties, like being:

  • an anti-inflammatory
  • anti-microbial
  • an antioxidant

Here’s a look at all the amazing benefits of turmeric soap.

Turmeric Soap for Dark Spots

Lightening dark spots is one of the best turmeric soap benefits that it’s so well known for.

Turmeric lightens dark spots and reduces hyperpigmentation by limiting over-stimulated melanin production.

Studies have shown that constantly using turmeric soap for 4 weeks results in a 14% hyperpigmentation decrease. Turmeric soap is a great way to smooth out dark patches and uneven skin tone.

Turmeric Soap For Acne

Turmeric has long been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat acne. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which can be very helpful in reducing acne breakouts.

Turmeric is also known to be a very effective antibacterial agent. This helps to prevent future breakouts by keeping the pores clear of bacteria that can cause acne. 

Turmeric Soap For Skin Whitening                                                                                                                        

Another amazing benefit of turmeric soap is its ability to brighten and whiten the skin. The curcumin in turmeric inhibits melanin production, which is responsible for giving the skin its color. This can help to brighten the skin, evening out the skin tone and making it appear more radiant.

whenever you use a new soap or cleanser, don’t use it on your whole body right away. Try a small amount on your inner arm first and check if it suits your skin; only then, go ahead and use it on the rest of the body.


15 reviews for Turmeric Soap 120g apprx.

  1. Maha

    My dark spots are very light after 2 months. And my skin is softer and light. Thank you merak

  2. Neelam munir

    Mairi skin even tone ho gayi he iske use se aur dark spots bhi kam ho rahe.

  3. Maira

    Dark spots have lightened and complexion is much better

  4. Maryam

    Excellent for blemishes and acne

  5. Maryam

    Worked wonders for my dark spots

  6. Mrs khan

    Im using merak turmeric soap for more than a month now. It has reduced my acne and dark spots. And skin is bright and glow.

  7. Mirha khan

    I am using its turmeric soap it is really awesome and its remove all my acne and clear my face.. 100% recommend

  8. Nazia


  9. Noor Fatima

    Using this soap since 2 months and I had a best experience. My skin is glowing now and it has also stopped my acne.

  10. Tayyab

    Using this soap since 2 months and I had a best experience.

  11. Hibabaig


  12. Hibabaig


  13. Ahmer


  14. Asiya M. (verified owner)

    This is the best product. I was having acne since last 1.5 years and by using this soap for about only 1.5 months, my face has completely healed from all acne issues, Al Hamdulillah. Stay blessed Merak Organics… I really loved the turmeric soap.

  15. Hamemah

    Turmeric soap contains bit small particles which also help in scurbing it surely cleanse the skin well and helps fade acne scars works wonders for me.

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